One of the most important things we can do for ourselves (and for each other) during this time of disruption is to start our mornings with a positive outlook.

I have asked our fabulous Reinvention Coaches, Wendy Perrotti and Dana Hilmer, to spend an hour with us to set us on the right path.

There’s nothing Pollyannaish about this thinking. It’s actual science and psychology that allows you to reprogram your habits and your mindset for positive thought and forward movement.

Take an hour to care for yourself. Watch back our past sessions from March 20, 2020 – March 27, 2020, below.

And for all the resources mentioned during these sessions, check out Must Have Resources From Our Positive Mornings Coaching Sessions.

Episode #1 – Introduction

Episode #2 – Living In The Present Moment

Episode #3 – Stories That Get In Your Way

Episode #4 – How Are You Showing Up? – You At Your Best

Episode #5 – How Are You Using Your Time When Structure is Gone or Changed?

Episode #6 – Making the Best Use of Your Time While at Home

Episode #7 – Connecting More Deeply

Episode #8 – Choosing Your Focus – JOY (Part 1)

Episode #9 – Choosing Your Focus – JOY (Part 2)

Episode #10 – SPIRE

Episode #11 – Resilience

Episode #12 – The Four Tendencies

Episode #13 – Being True to Yourself

Episode #14 – Letting Go

Episode #15 – Celebrating One Another

Episode #17 – Work/Life Balance

Episode #18 – Tapping Into Your Own Wisdom

Episode #19 – Confidence

Episode #20 – The Power of Language

Episode #21 – The Conversations We’re Having

Episode #22 – Putting our Learnings to Practice