Positive Morning Coaching Sessions with CoveyClub

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to wake up each Monday morning feeling positive and optimistic — looking forward to the week?

Wouldn’t it be great to be clear, focused every day?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know a bunch of like-minded women were there to cheer you on and have your back on a weekly basis while you become who you’re meant to be?


Positive Mornings is a CoveyClub coaching session that surrounds you with positivity so you can attack the week with new energy and resilience.

Positive Mornings sessions are run by Covey’s Reinvention coaches, Wendy Perrotti and Dana Hilmer. In just one hour, from 9 am EST to 10 am EST, they ask the right questions and offer the right tools to defeat negative thoughts and anxiety and get you moving in the right direction. (Positive Mornings are recorded so you can listen to them again or at your convenience.)

We started Positive Mornings coaching sessions as a free give-back during the pandemic. It quickly morphed into one of the most beloved services CoveyClub offers.


Here’s what Positive Morning attendees are saying:

“Positive Mornings have been an essential weekly kickoff for me during this challenging year. The tips from Wendy and Dana about living your life, personally, professionally, managing obstacles, are incredibly helpful. There have been some Monday mornings where I just didn’t want to deal, and I made myself ‘tune in,’ an action that helped me reset from the blah feelings minutes earlier. Grateful!” — Katie Weisman, Writer


“I have looked forward to being able to connect these last two Monday mornings for a number of reasons. The words I love to share are those from one of my favorite Broadway musicals Funny Girl: ‘People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.’ That’s how I feel being able to carve out time to be with women who share the yearning to not only be together but learn, grow, and provide guidance and be that listener. I am, as many are, a lifelong learner needing each other. We all need our tribe.” — Audrey Carlson, President at The Elizabeth Anne Carlson Performing Arts Foundation

Now, Positive Mornings has become one of our premier extra coaching offerings. You can purchase individual Positive Morning sessions for $24.99 by clicking here.



Check out a recording of our first session, below:

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