This is our way of saying thank you to everyone who has touched this project. You know who you are… or maybe you don’t. In any case, check below. We feel your presence among the flock.

Deb Marquardt, Kate Wenner, Linda Yellin, Francine Gingras, Jeannine Shao Collins, Marta Wohrle, Didi Gluck, Janine Gordon, Marta Hill Gray, Kejal Macdonald, Natalie Troubh, Patrick Hanlon, Kristen Buckley White, Darren Jessop, Kate Larkworthy, Karen Cahn, Fran Pastore, Agatha Kluk, Samantha Wishman, Nancy Evans, Blair Decembrele, Ann Marie Biser, Emily Listfield, Nadine From, Jim Malski, Kristin Patrick, Julia Pimsleur, Carol Cheswick, Mike Dsupin, Angelica Florio, Caroline Rosen, Dara Kapoor, James Cannon Boyce, Val Wasserman, Tracy Spangler, Tracy Chadwell, Jamie Yuenger, Elizabeth Gore, Leslie Hsu, Tish Jett, Lauren Stanich, Katie Becker, Nicole Malcolm-Manyara, Christa Carone, Hannah Grove, Andrea Minkow, Julia Pimsleur, Fran Hauser, Tramaine George, Tania Sterl, Isabel Sullivan, Chelsea Lane White, Ruth Sutcliffe, Barb Dupree, Judy Coyne, Danielle Butin, Melissa Campanelli, Betsy Carter, Johanna Zeilstra, Caytha Jentis, Robin Homonoff, Susan Danziger, Carol Casazza Herman, Courtney Kealy, Jamie T Lee, Janet Lieberman, Claudia Dreifus, Jennefer Witter, Amy Sunshine, Lyn Recitas



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