How to Read a Beauty Product Label ft. Barbara Paldus of Codex Beauty

May 6th 2020 8:00 pm (EDT)

How to Read a Beauty Product Label to Keep You and Your Family Safe and Healthy

Founder of Codex Beauty, Barbara Paldus, shows us what ingredients to look for on our beauty products and what to avoid.

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Barbara Paldus

Barbara Paldus, founder and CEO of Codex Beauty, is a scientist, entrepreneur, and passionate investor in natural beauty. Prior to launching Codex Beauty, Paldus spent two decades leading innovation in the fields of spectroscopy, telecommunications, and biotechnology. By the age of 34, she had co-founded two Silicon Valley companies that, among many breakthroughs, helped paved the way for carbon cycle measurements, food integrity testing, accessible vaccines, personalized medicine, and cell therapy. Paldus has been awarded more than 30 U.S. patents and numerous honors for achievements in science and holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.



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Questions we will answer:
• What truths do you need to understand about the cosmetics and beauty products you use?
• Which chemicals are regulated, which are not?
• How do you read a cosmetic label?
• What should we look for, what should we avoid?

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