June 17th 2020 8:00 pm (EDT)

Build a Breakthrough Brand Even in a Tough Market

Global branding expert, Julie Cottineau, gives actionable strategies and tools on how to build a better brand.

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Julie Cottineau

Julie Cottineau

Julie Cottineau is a global branding expert, author, founder of BrandTwist brand consultancy and former VP of Brand for Richard Branson's Virgin Group. She is passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs TWIST their brands to stand out in crowded markets.



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You will learn actionable strategies and tools on how to:
1 TWIST your offering - deliver products/services in line with how people feel right now
2. TWIST your target audience - reach out to a new target that needs exactly what you have
3. TWIST for the greater good - show you care, while communicating your brand promise

Questions we will answer:
• Is it ok to market my brand now?
• How can I do this sensitively and with impact?
• How can I stand out in a competitive or insecure job market?

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