When You Have to Reinvent Your Reinvention

Reading: When You Have to Reinvent Your Reinvention

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When You Have to Reinvent Your Reinvention

Starting over in your career is not one and done. I’ve had to revamp and reimagine CoveyClub many times — including for today

By Lesley Jane Seymour

After being a corporate cog for 37 years, it was quite a revelation to become an entrepreneur. Especially in my 60s! While I rejoiced over the deliciousness of having an idea at lunch and executing it by dinner (they would often take a whole year to approve a new idea at my previous job!!!), what is challenging is that the buck does really stop with yourself. No more blaming the dopey manager, the sleazy CEO, the inept marketing director. Because, uh, that would all be me now. 

But what is truly exciting about being a late-in-life entrepreneur is the constant ability to make what you already thought was great, even greater. To keep revamping, reimagining, refashioning. Since there’s nothing I love more than listening to all of you, the CoveyClub team and I have been hard at work for the past few months creating and implementing a slew of great new services that I think — in fact, I know — you’ll love.  Here are our 11 (yes 11!) new additions to the already great CoveyClub services that I hope you’ll try out and take advantage of. For those of you who are not yet members, I hope it will give you the impetus to jump off the fence and join, and feel what it’s like to have great women support you.

CoveyClub Marketplace: For a small, fixed price, market your services or products directly to the women who want them. Expand your reach; find your market. And we will advertise you and your wares throughout the whole CoveyClub ecosystem: the CoveyClub.com website, CoveyClub emails, CoveyClub social media. We will also publish a smart Q&A with you about what you do. Check the Marketplace for smart, accomplished members to hire and they will do the same for you. Engage with qualified buyers by offering a special discount or service to CoveyClub members. 

CoveyClub Academy: With more than 400 recorded classes in our members-only Academy, you can get started learning new skills today. Develop your personal brand! Get on a board! Boost your LinkedIn to find a job! Polish your leadership skills! We also have doctors and scientists who teach and advise about menopause, empty nest, divorce, widowhood, EFT tapping, meditation, and much more.  

CoveyConnect: I’m super excited about our move away from the app called Mighty Networks which was difficult to navigate to something simpler — a private Facebook group. Come join the conversation. Get help. Sign up for classes and events with a single click. The FB group is so much better because you already know the technology. And it’s private, so no ads or spying from Meta. 

CoveyClub Masterclasses: Over the years it’s become clear that there are just some topics that need more than a 60-minute class to master. I’ve asked the best and the brightest instructors I know to design a roster of classes that will allow you to really dive deep and master a topic. Our LinkedIn masterclass was a smash hit. This fall look for a new sleep workshop with the famous NYC Sleep Doctor, an in-depth marketing masterclass, and help with monetizing your coaching businesses. As always, CoveyClub members get a discount. Need deeper instruction in a particular area? Let me know directly and I will try and find a great teacher. 

Special Monthly Workshops: Again, sometimes you just need to dive deeper. And it’s more fun and you get better results when you do it with your sisters. Lauren Fonvielle’s fabulous EFT Tapping Circle (the third Wednesday of the month at 12 p.m. ET) is a wonderful way to meet each other, bond, and really do some personal work. This fall, look for our monthly Financially Fierce group which will meet to discuss how to get control of your financials. Is there another group we should start? Let me know! Share your idea: lesley@coveyclub.com.

Travel with Covey: CoveyClub member and master traveler Kiki Keating heads this joyful addition to our get-together list. Covey’s first eight-day foray to the Basque country in Spain and France this June was such a hit that we’re planning a new trip to Italy in April. Sign up now!

CoveyLive! I’ve been wanting to do more than the three-day retreat in NOLA for a while. Last year, I test drove a one-day event in NYC and everyone loved it. Look for our announcement for a CoveyLive! New York in the fall. It’s a single day jam-packed with learning and insights and bonding with the best women on the planet. I’m also thinking about a single day in NOLA and in California (if I can find an affordable venue there). Let me know if you have a connection! 

Covey’s Take 10: Got a question that’s keeping you up at night? Wracked by anxiety over a choice you have to make? Reach out to any Covey member and ask: Can you Take 10 with me? Then set a time for a phone call or Zoom or FaceTime. Bring a timer and a pen. The organizer gets three minutes to talk about her issue. Then the joiner asks: “Would you like some feedback?” If the organizer says yes, the joiner can take 60 seconds and respond. Next, the joiner sets her timer and asks a question, outlines a problem, and/or commiserates for three minutes. The response repeats. After 10 minutes, you hang up. You will be shocked at how uber-focused contact can help you move forward … and isn’t that what we’re all here for anyway?

Nest Hours: Got a project to finish? Taxes to file? A business plan to create? Need to get some writing done? Need an excuse to settle down and just DO IT? We’ve got a solution. CoveyClub Nest Hours are open hours over Zoom when you can just dial in and check in with your sisters and work. It’s kind of like a virtual study hall. We’ve tried it and it works. Sign up today!

Bring a Friend to Covey: Bring any friend into CoveyClub who purchases a full-year subscription and you get $100 back to spend on Covey products or services such as Covey travel, masterclasses, swag, CoveyLive! events, etc. 

Speed Networking: Connections R US! How to do it better and faster? Come join us for our fun, virtual quarterly speed networking hour. Meet your sisters, discover what you have in common and how you can work together and support each other.

Well, that’s it. I guess I’ll go draw a bubble bath and relax now. 

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