Covey Think Tank: HELP! My Industry is Changing. What Do I Do Now?

June 1st 2020 12:00 am

Covey Think Tank: HELP! My Industry is Changing (or Dying). What the Hell Do I Do Now?

Introducing Covey Think Tanks: a new way to tackle a problem together

About the Think Tank


The landscape of the working world is changing. In fact, everything is changing… And unfortunately navigating this career terrain isn’t getting any easier as we get older.

Which may leave you wondering, what the hell is next for me?

When your industry is disappearing or you’re made to feel like you’re aging out of your current career, figuring out what to do next can be terrifying.

As you all know, my industry crumbled underneath me and I needed a total career (and ultimately life!) reinvention. And for that reason, I’ve spoken with so many of you about your disappointments, fears, and challenges as you try to navigate this new terrain.

There is no expert that holds the answer for you because the answer lies in innovation.

Your “what’s next?” can be found at the crossroads of your skills, your passions, your mission, and the marketplace.

But how do you get there?

INTRODUCING Covey Think Tanks.

Covey Reinvention Coaches Wendy Perrotti and Dana Hilmer and I are bringing together smart, experienced, motivated women like you to innovate your next steps in a rigorous mastermind setting.

Here’s how it works:

Each Think Tank will consist of 6 participants and be facilitated by Dana and Wendy who will also instruct you on the call format.

This format has been designed specifically to ensure that the full breadth of creativity, talent, and expertise of the membership is tapped in creating ideas and original solutions for each member in the Tank.

The group will meet for one hour 2x/ month over Zoom for 6 months.

Everyone will benefit as participants learn from and support one another and each member will have the opportunity to be on the “hot seat” (where everyone works to find solutions for your particular problem) for two calls. Yes, all six excellent minds of the group will fully focus on you and the challenge you’d like to solve!

You will learn from others’ hot seat experiences as well.

This first Covey Think Tank tackles the topic HELP! My industry is changing (or dying). What the hell do I do now? And begins the week of May 18th at a time that works for all involved. We will send out a doodle to figure that out.

Remember, only 6 women will be able to join this Think Tank so act quickly!

Your investment: $249/month for 6 months.


Or pay in full for the whole 6 months ($1200 or $200/month) and save 20%!!