November 16th 2023 6:00 pm (EDT)

New Date! CoveyClub Presents: The Monarch

Each of us has a story to tell. It could be fiction or biography. The key is that it has to be well told. One of the most captivating events we have done at our annual CoveyClub NOLA bash has been live storytelling – a la The Moth. Come join us for the virtual version, live on Zoom. While we pay homage to the original story tellers at The Moth, we have dubbed ours "The Monarch" because Covey women are way more beautiful and classy than moths, and have flown great distances in our lives already. We don't hang around and eat holes in your sweaters; we gather in gorgeous groups and fly south to fill the woods with orange color. Come listen to our storytellers or if you have a piece to pitch, submit it to us! We will work with you to make sure your presentation rocks and that the distribution of stories works for each event. Our theme for this round of The Monarch: Women on the Verge of Deep Connection.

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