February 22nd 2023 2:00 pm (EDT)

CoveyClub Roundtable: Nutrition at Midlife

There are some of us who are lucky enough to never worry about nutrition or weight control. But midlife levels almost everyone. Changing hormones, more sedentary lifestyles, slowing metabolisms, and health interruptions, may cause us to rethink everything we put in our mouths. This roundtable brings top experts to the table to answer your questions about how to eat now: is Intermittent Fasting helpful? What about eliminating sugar? What's the latest thinking about fat and cholesterol? What are the best books to read? Best new cookbooks? Who to follow on podcasts and social media? Bring your questions to our roundtable of experts, including nutritionist Jacqui Justice, Goodfood RX founder Linda Fears, author Lori Kase, and WYN Weightloss creator Jill Cruz.