April 13th 2023 6:00 pm (EDT)

CoveyClub Roundtable: Giving Up Your Big Corporate Identity in Search of Something More

Who are you if you no longer have the title Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing, or Managing Director at Enter Name of Prestigious Firm? Will anyone pick up your call when you're no longer A Big F Deal in your job? What should you write on the aplication form that asks for "Work" and "Title"? These are the secret quesions those who've made it to the top (or near it) ask ourselves at 3 AM. And they are often the barriers that keep us stuck in jobs we are bored of, that keep us from reinventing, or living our true lives for our second half of life. CoveyClub brings three amazing experts who have been there, done that, and thrived to discuss the answers. Tanya Ezekial is the CEO and Head Executive Coach at Conductive, a leadership and team development firm she founded in 2010, after a 15-year career on Wall Street. Traci Schubert Barrett is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and author of the new book What If There's More: Finding Significance Beyond Success. After 22 years working with major financial services firms, Barbara Best, co-founder of Cap Strat, shifted gears to listen and consult with clients to identify and implement optimal strategies to govern and manage their financial resources to acheive their ideal outcome.

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