June 6th 2018

How to Dress Age-Appropriate–and Still Look Great

How do you dress appropriately without looking dowdy or like you're trying to look 20? Our experts share their secrets.

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Aysha Sayeed

Aysha Saeed began her career in finance and reinvented herself in fashion–which was her dream. After stints in Milan and Paris working for top designers, she opened her own brand of smart, sexy clothes for working women called Aysha NY. "I want women to use their wardrobe as a marketing tool," she says. She understands women of all shapes and sizes and has clients who have real lives and real careers–as judges, lawyers, bankers, and moms.

Tania Sterl

Founder of Sterl on Style, Tania Sterl combines her fashion design experience with her intuitive approach as a Personal Wardrobe Stylist to help women take their image and influence to the next level. Her clients include some of New York City's prominent female industry leaders in finance and law, to rising entrepreneurial stars in fitness, media, and more.



In this Coffee & Conversation, CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, will discuss how to dress age appropriate with designer, Aysha Saeed, and stylist and image consultant, Tania Sterl.

Questions we will answer include:
How do you not look like a frump but not look like you're trying to be a 20-year-old either?
Where do you go to shop for clothes that fit real bodies?
Where do you go for chic shoes that fit?
When should you hire a stylist?

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8:00 pm


8:10 pm

Interview with Aysha and Tania

8:40 pm

Q & A with audience

9:00 pm

Discussion ends


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