6 Hours to Money Success (Even in a Pandemic) * CoveyClub

June 1st 2020 8:00 pm (EDT)

 6 Hours to Money Success (Even in a Pandemic)

Financial coach and expert, Kelley Holland, provides coaching, tips, and tricks you can use to achieve financial wellbeing in 6 one-hour sessions.

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Coaching Led By:

Kelley Holland

Kelley Holland

Kelley Holland is a financial stress coach, speaker, and writer helping women overcome financial anxiety, take charge of their money and achieve wellbeing. Kelley spent two decades as an award-winning business and personal finance journalist at The New York Times, Business Week and CNBC before undertaking coach training and opening Own Your Destiny, LLC. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of Everyday Health’s Wellness Advisory Board.



I’d like to introduce you to a brand new idea from CoveyClub: it’s called Covey Circles. These will be small groups of women who get together to tackle an issue of importance to their well being, hosted by an expert in the field.  

This first one is called: 6 Hours to Money Success (Even in a Pandemic)  

It will be hosted by Kelley Holland, a Chartered Financial Analyst and financial wellness coach, for 6 lively discussions plus great coaching, tips, and tricks you can use to achieve financial wellbeing.

For one hour every month, you will meet and engage with friends you can lean on who will never judge but will hold you accountable. We will meet virtually once a month over Zoom. (We will determine the time that is best for everyone with a doodle.)

Covey CEO, Lesley Jane Seymour, will be joining the group so she can learn along with (and from) you. This is her issue too! 

The 6 Sessions Include:

1. Pivoting in a pandemic: How it can serve you. How to start or build out your side hustle. If you’re an entrepreneur: How to create a product or service at an entry-level price point that will bring people in — even now.

2. Love & Money: How to make financial peace with your partner so you can move forward together. 

3. How to Set It and Forget It — With Your Investments How much financial risk are you comfortable with? What kind of investments will allow you to sleep at night? What is your financial timeline? You will learn how to be systematic with your investments so you’re not reacting haphazardly.

4. Saving Automatically: Back to buckets. How to set up virtual envelopes for your different goals. (This tool is particularly helpful when deciding how to help your older children financially.) 

5. Life in the Middle of the Sandwich: How to balance money for your kids and for your parents.

6. Why You Won't Be a Bag Lady (after taking this course). 

7. Bonus Session: Working with Your Financial Advisor. Learn how to communicate effectively and ask questions that will get you the answers you need. If you are looking to work with someone new, tools to help you find an advisor who will truly put your best interests first.*

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You’ll come away with:

— A plan to manage your cash flow

— A budgeting system you can actually stick to

— Strategies to safeguard your future financial security 

— The confidence that you can attain your money goals.

If this seminar was offered in-person on a single day, it would be valued at $1200. 

But because we are offering this program over six months online, and we are aware of how essential this learning is during this challenging time, we are OFFERING YOU A VERY SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL RATE OF $450. 

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