March 18th 2020 8:00 pm (EDT)

Fireside Chat with Lesley Jane Seymour

Let's come together to share our thoughts and concerns and come together to feel less alone.

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I want you all to bring your fears, your concerns, your issues and let’s just talk them out. I am not a coach or a shrink -- and that is not what the Fireside Chat is about. It’s just us, sharing. Imagine us sitting around a firepit together at sunset sharing our thoughts and concerns. Imagine learning that you are not alone with your anxieties right now: that we are all feeling the same way. And by just sharing those thoughts, we can get to know each other better, bring all of our expertise to play, and help each other get through this difficult time. During this difficult time, this event is open and FREE to everyone. Click the button above to register.

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