How to Find a Bra that Fits and You’ll Love Webinar

May 1st 2019 8:00 pm (EDT)

How to Find a Bra that Fits and You’ll Love

Yes, Virginia, there is a bra that fits!

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On The Panel

Kimmay Caldwell

Kimmay Caldwell is a self-love coach and Undergarment educator who supports people to say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™. She is an expert bra fitter with over 14 years of experience of getting intimate with people from cup sizes A to N. Based in NYC, she travels around the world to spread her empowering message of self-love, and how to use the everyday ritual of putting on a bra to uncover your confidence, stand in your power, and learn to love yourself. You may have seen her in one of over 100 press outlets, including The Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and more. Or perhaps you caught her teaching bra fitting workshops at the largest lingerie expo in the world. Connect with Kimmay @Hurraykimmay, and learn more at

Ellen Jacobson

As President ofElila LLC, Ellen is a third-generation executive of an intimate apparel business focused on the specialized needs of the plus-sized consumer. Educated at Simmons College in Boston, Ellen earned her BA in Business before joining the family business & learning each aspect of design, manufacturing, sourcing & marketing, from the ground up.

Today, Elila has achieved recognition in the market for its uncompromising solution-based intimate apparel collection for the plus size woman.



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In this Coffee & Conversation, CoveyClub Founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, will talk with Kimmay Caldwell, undergarment educator and self-love coach, and Ellen Jacobson, President of Elila LLC, and discuss:

-What’s the best bra?
-How do you get to the right size and fit for you?
-How do you get the right measurements?
-Where can I go to get fitted? Do I need personal help?
-Are virtual measurements any good?
-Why is this so hard? Is it a feminist thing? Do men have this trouble finding underwear?
-What about the bras I see online? Third-Love? True&Co?
-Is more expensive better?
-Can you stay with the same brand your whole life or does it change?
-Can you talk about the unique issues with plus sizes?
-What names do you like that we haven’t heard of?
-Bra care tips?

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8:00 pm


8:10 pm

Interview with Kimmay Caldwell & Ellen Jacobson

8:45 pm

Q&A with Audience

9:00 pm

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