Fireside Chat: Cocktails & Conversation with Lesley Jane Seymour

April 10th 2020 8:00 pm (EDT)

Fireside Chat: Cocktails & Conversation

It's been a long week! Let's get together and talk about it. (This event is FREE for everyone!)

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On The Panel

Lesley Jane Seymour

CoveyClub founder and CEO, Lesley Jane Seymour is an award-winning, history-making journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of More, Marie Claire, Redbook and YM magazines. A lifelong crusader for the advancement of women, she nevertheless finds herself unable to resist a great new beauty product or a fabulous new shoe or dress.



Grab your wine, your bourbon, or your water bottle. Bring your vulnerability and sense of humor. Let's just get together and talk. Whew. What a week it's been! Let me know what you want to talk about by putting your topics of interest in the chatbox when you join.

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