Living Well on Less: Financial Wellness Webinar featuring Kelley Holland

September 10th 2020 2:00 pm (EDT)

Living Well on Less

Kelley Holland, CFA, financial stress coach, speaker, and writer, will show you three unexpected money moves that will help straighten out your finances in this turbulent year.

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Kelley Holland

Kelley Holland

Kelley Holland is a financial stress coach, speaker, and writer helping women overcome financial anxiety, take charge of their money and achieve wellbeing. Kelley spent two decades as an award-winning business and personal finance journalist at The New York Times, Business Week and CNBC before undertaking coach training and opening Own Your Destiny, LLC. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of Everyday Health’s Wellness Advisory Board.



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Everybody’s finances have been hit by the pandemic. And while none of us can control what happened, we can control how we recover, financially, in the future. Kelley Holland, CFA, will show you three unexpected money moves that will help straighten out your finances in this turbulent year.

Participants will come away with proven techniques to boost financial wellness including:

• A one-time money move that builds financial security and reduces stress
• The question to ask so you stay on track with your money plan
• A three-step process to align your spending and saving with your values

Questions we will answer:
• What is the single best thing you can do for your finances in these uncertain times?

• How can you take charge of your money if you don’t even know where to start?

• Why do so many women find money tasks stressful – and how can you feel better?

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