Stillness in the Chaos of COVID - A Guided Meditation

April 26th 2020 8:00 pm (EDT)

Stillness in the Chaos of COVID – A Guided Meditation

Join CoveyClub and Kelly Rovetto as she leads us through breathing techniques to help create stillness of the mind and serenity in the soul.

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Most of you know I’ve been meditating now for many years. It calms me down, gives me focus, relaxes me, helps me set an intention for the day, and make sure I’m not letting my life slide by. If you’ve been thinking of starting a meditation practice (and there’s no time like now), this is a great way to start: in the privacy of your home.

You can dial in and watch -- or just listen to -- my new friend Kelly Rovetto walk us through this way to relax the mind and let go (I’ll be there doing it with you). Kelly, who has been in the medical sales industry for over 15 years, learned about meditation while in personal recovery, and has been practicing and writing guided mindfulness meditations for 8 years. You may think joining a virtual meditation would feel strange or weird, but I tried it and it’s actually fabulous. No one can see you but you can see us -- right from my living room in NOLA.

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