October 19th 2022 2:00 pm (EDT)

Taming the Many Faces of Stress

Did you know that stress can be managed by controlling your response to it? Stress triggers like anxiety and worry are often developed in chilldhood as a result of outside influences. Science and mindfulness have combined to create new practices that tame stress. Kathy Davidov, a former television executive turned life coach, has been open about her struggle with stress in the corporate world. Eventually it led her to burnout and an autoimmune disease. In this class, Kathy will teach you the techniques that have helped her to calm her nervous system and she'll explain how changing your personal narrative can help you build resilience. With these practices, you can learn to live peacefully in a chaotic world.

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Our Guest Speaker

Kathy Davidov

Kathy Davidov is an award-winning television executive. She led production teams at National Geographic, Discovery Channel, TLC, and Al Jazeera America. For more than three decades, Kathy created innovative, character-driven, documentaries across a range of media from film to television to virtual reality. She’s inspired by stories of human grit and resilience. Among her career highlights; revamping National Geographic’s flagship series Explorer, launching Al Jazeera America’s documentary showcase AJAM Presents, and overseeing the hugely popular Trading Spaces franchise. After years shaping content and leading teams Kathy is now using her storytelling skills to help clients reframe the stories, patterns and habits holding them back. She’s a certified life coach with additional training in self-hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, psycho-sensory and mindfulness techniques.