How to Tell Your Life Story: Make it Memorable, Entertaining, Stage-Worthy

June 25th 2020 11:00 am (EDT)

How to Tell Your Life Story: Make it Memorable, Entertaining & Stage-Worthy

Storytelling & public speaking innovator, Bridget K. Brown, teaches us how to structure a story by taking anecdotes from our lives and work and turning them into something memorable and stage-worthy.

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bridget brown

Bridget K. Brown

Bridget K. Brown is a Master-Facilitator, former TEDx Coach & Adjunct Instructor, playwright, and storytelling coach who has the unique habit of thinking in plot form. Her superpower is hearing details others don't in the stories they tell and coaching people who have a fear of public speaking in a fun way that gets them to the "aha" moments which make definitive change in their lives.



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Questions we'll answer:
• What are the basics of Story Structure?
• If we are giving a presentation, how do we ensure people remember it afterward?
• What's the quickest way to overcome nerves when telling a story or giving a presentation?

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