November 8th 2018

Thriving Through Divorce

How to navigate life after a difficult divorce.

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Elise Pettus

Elise Pettus

Elise Pettus is the Founder and Editorial Director of UNtied, the comprehensive divorce resource for thinking women. UNtied is a growing online community of thousands that connects separating and divorced women to support and educate one another as they navigate the divorce process. Pettus regularly writes and speaks on divorce-related topics, and directly connects UNtied members with a professional directory of vetted experts who can assist women with everything from finding a compassionate lawyer to advice and services around sex, dating, and blending families. Featured in the New York Times, she regularly curates and hosts live and/or live-streamed panels and workshops featuring top experts about divorce and “post-married life.”

Virginia Gilbert

Virginia Gilbert

Virginia Gilbert is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Los Angeles. She has a private practice where she specializes in treating high-conflict divorce. She's also a freelance writer and is currently writing a book to help individuals manage, and transcend, nasty divorces.



In this virtual Coffee & Conversation, CoveyClub founder, Lesley Jane Seymour, will discuss navigating life after a divorce with Elise Pettus, founder of UNtied, and Virginia Gilbert, licensed marriage and family therapist.

Questions we will answer include:
How do you get past your anger?

How do you cope without your kids in the first weeks/months?

How do you deal with the couple friends?

How do you get yourself to a place where you even want to think about dating again?

How do you deal with his new partner becoming close to his family and your mutual friends?

How can I help/support my friend/sister/daughter? What isn't helpful?

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Interview with Elise and Virginia

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Q&A with audience

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