June 14th 2023 2:00 pm (EDT)

Tips to Fall in Love with the Clothes in Your Closet

We all do it…you look at your overstuffed closets yet still find yourself saying "I have nothing to wear!" So you go out to buy more clothes, and then wait for it... still have nothing to wear. Stop the madness and go from being discouraged when you look into your closet to excited with all the outfits you can create using what you already have. Personal stylist Scarlett De Bease will help you fall in love with the clothes you already own – yes, really! In this class she’ll share her best tips for creating new outfits from your own closet, adding the right pieces to expand your existing wardrobe, organizing your clothes for simplicity and what to do with the barrage of suits from your corporate days. You’ll leave this class with the tools you need to tackle your closet once and for all!

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