April 20th 2020 8:00 pm (EDT)

How to Build a Future in the Midst of Uncertainty

Dr. Cecilia Dintino & Hannah Starobin, founders of Twisting the Plot, teach us how to set goals that matter and owning the role of the leader through change.

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Cecilia Dintino

Dr. Cecilia Dintino

Dr. Cecilia Dintino is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at Columbia University where she currently works with the medical center’s Women’s Program. She is considered an expert on women’s issues throughout the lifespan. She has been a psychotherapist for 29 years and knows how to apply psychological findings to make vital and life-enhancing change. She is also a creative thinker, writer, and speaker with the overriding goal to imagine things anew. She has been published in A Women’s Thing Magazine, print and online, Huff Post, Psychology Today, ART + marketing, Athena Speaks, and Aplus.com. She is a drama therapist with expertise in playmaking and improvisation. Her mission is to design narratives for women over 50 that invite positive, diverse and thrilling potential for becoming.

Hannah Murray Starobin

Hannah Murray Starobin

Hannah Murray Starobin is a licensed psychotherapist with a great talent for getting clients to look at their lives with a compassionate eye, helping everyone find the humor in life. She spent years working in the theatre, both on and off Broadway, where she developed impeccable skill in innovation, perspective and active problem-solving. Writing, creating and storytelling has been a vital part of Hannah’s journey. She is the daughter of Donald Murray, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer who chronicled his own late life passage in a weekly column for the Boston Globe, Now and Then. She grew up in a storytelling household and now assists women of all ages in turning their lives into page-turners.



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Questions we will answer:
• Why is it important to imagine a future self in a time of transition?
• What is the value of setting goals after a certain age?
• A lot of women over 50 report feeling invisible and irrelevant. Given this, is it possible to twist this narrative and help women see themselves as leaders and change-makers?

About Twisting The Plot's Founders:
New York City psychotherapist and theater artists Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Hannah Starobin created Twisting The Plot and Twisting The Plot Podcast for women over 50 who want to take charge of their lives. Together they leverage years of experience, expertise, and friendship to guide women into futures that are exciting and meaningful.

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