May 23rd 2020 12:00 pm (EDT)

What’s Next For You? — A Writing Workshop

NYT best-selling author, Laura Munson, helps us find our "So Now What?" in this 5-hour virtual writing workshop

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Workshop led by:

Laura Munson

Laura Munson

Laura Munson is the New York Times and international best-selling author of the memoir This Is Not The Story You Think It Is, and her new novel, Willa’s Grove. She is also the founder of the acclaimed Haven Writing Retreats and Programs in Montana, where she lives.

A Note from Laura Munson:


We are all facing the question, "So Now What?" right now, more than ever. Many of us go into isolation, shame, or pretending we’re okay during these crossroads moments, usually out of fear of being judged or rejected altogether.

Let's create a new community now, as the women in my novel Willa’s Grove have done. I deeply believe in intentional, “bridge” communities with people who aren’t necessarily in our daily lives, but who are also at a major "So Now What?" crossroads. I believe that together we can welcome our crossroads moments, honor their lessons, and use them to move forward in our lives. My hope is that by doing this work we can more powerfully and authentically re-enter our lives, and welcome our futures.

We can’t gather in person but I can bring us together virtually by using the most powerful tool I know: the written word. As long as you can put pen to paper, you can do this work. I have said for years: “Writing should be up there with diet and exercise in the realm of preventative wellness.”

The "So Now What?" Virtual Workshop is the first step in this path of your self-discovery. 

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We will work with guided writing prompts to help you with:
• Mind awareness — how it serves and sabotages us 
• Finding your unique voice
• Inviting your stories, past, present, and future — parsing them as truth or myth
• Vision: getting them out of you onto paper for your eyes only, so you can look at them and see what’s next

In this class you will also get:
• Instruction in the theory and practice of writing
• Guided writing prompts that build upon one another to provide a map for your next steps
• An intentional journal-writing practice that you can use forever as you navigate all the "So Now What’s?" in your life
• THE SUPPORT YOU DESERVE, especially during this trying time. We need the power of self-expression in a safe, guided setting from someone who has helped people find their words for years, and wants deeply to help you!

Your investment in YOU:
$147 for the 5-hour session

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