October 12th 2022 2:00 pm (EDT)

Your Reinvention Refresh: Six Steps to Launching Anew with Jane Pollak

Fall is the perfect time to refocus and really make headway on your reinvention, so we've invited artist and entrepreneur Jane Pollak to help you kickstart the process. Jane's 6-step framework will take you from idea to launch, and uncover what it really takes to be an entrepreneur: how to define your product, identity your audience, shape your message, and build your team. You'll leave inspired and committed to your entrepreneurial reinvention!

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Our Guest Speaker

Jane Pollak

Jane Pollak is an artist who creates limited edition, luxury custom textiles that enchant and wow their owners. Her mission is to bring works of beauty to the world using the finest materials, original designs, and a lifetime of spirit and creativity. Jane’s unique sense of color and composition make her wool appliqué creations worthy additions to top designer rooms, collector’s acquisitions, and tastemaker’s recommendations.