Issue 14

April 2019

Note from the editor, Lesley Jane Seymour

Why Do We Have to Sleep Together?

I have a terrible secret. But I’m going to tell you about it now.

I hate sleeping in the same bed as my husband.

Actually, I hate sleeping in the same bed as anyone! I really treasure my sleep and when I get into bed, the last thing I want is sweaty hands touching me or yanking my pillow.  I especially hate those bouncy old coil spring mattresses that shake my side of the bed every time my husband rolls over. When Jeff and I first moved in together we went through every kind of mattress we could find — from exorbitantly priced horsehair (ouch!–too hard) to cotton-stuffed futons (too thin) — at the rate of a new mattress every three years. It wasn’t until memory foam came on the market that we finally found our bliss.  I’m a light sleeper and when the water buffalo next to me shifts position, I no longer bounce awake. Unfortunately, hotels and Airbnbs present high-risk mattresses.  For that reason, when we travel to bedrooms we don’t know, my husband automatically books twin beds! I guess he figured there’s nothing worse than waking up on a fabulous trip to Italy only to find his wife cranky and ornery from being jiggled all night.

Unfortunately, my inability to sleep nicely doesn’t just apply to my husband. I was never able to sleep with my kids either, especially once they started kicking and flailing around at night. So we put mattresses on the floor in our room right next to the bed instead. After 9/11, both of them slept there for a year.

My sleep habits have always made me feel like I’m falling down on my wifely or motherly duties. But lo and behold, we now find research that says how vital good sleep is to the aging process and we’ve even found a wonderful sleep doctor to interview who says it’s your duty to yourself to pull a Lucy and Ricky and sleep in separate beds (Read Catherine Lefebvre’s “Take a Sleepcation from Your Spouse”). If that water buffalo next to you happens to snore as well, feel free — ahem, you’d best — check into your kid’s old bedroom or the living room couch for a once a week sleepcation!  No more feeling guilty for me.  My weekly exits to the porch couch (did I mention my husband snores really loudly?) are now part of my legal obligation to be a trendsetter for this crowd.

Don’t miss our other fabulous articles in this issue: Diane di Costanzo’s hilarious investigation of all things CBD (“I am CBD Curious”), Katie Weisman’s fantastic report on how to finally find a freaking bra that fits (“Yes, Virginia, There is a Bra That Fits”), and Madhushree Gosh’s lovely essay about why she remained happily childfree (“Why I Decided to Remain Childfree by Choice”). Be inspired by Deanna Utroske’s article on three women who reinvented themselves into the indie beauty business (“3 Indie Beauty Brands Built by Late-in-Life Reinventors”), Kelly Jackson’s hilarious paean to working at home (“The Naked Truth About Working From Home”), Michelle Moskowitz’s investigation of what changing your online profile picture can do for your personal and work life (“What Your Profile Picture Says About You”), and the good works of our woman of passion & purpose, Dr. Jane Aronson (“The Orphan Doctor”).  And last but not least, please read Lisa Rabasca Roepe’s great interview with activist Allison Fine who is creating a network of mentors and educational tools to help all our newly elected female officials navigate the harassment and obstacles that come with those jobs (“Help Elected Women Stay in Their Jobs”). Who knew that getting elected would not be the hardest part of it!?

I hope you enjoy this issue of TheCovey and will add your comments and share the articles with friends. Please email me at with any ideas or opinions about what we can do better. We’re also always looking for great stories and great interviews.

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Have a great April!

Say what?

“That pain is where you find the passion. And the passion is where you find the purpose. And the purpose is where you find the power.”

—Michelle Buelow, CEO, Bella Tunno

Hot flash!

"We're in the midst of a $22 trillion shift in assets to women, because of longevity, because they'll outlive their spouse, because of divorce, whatever. Second, and related, 9 out of 10 women will be the sole decision-maker in their household on their finances at some point in their life, either due to the death of the spouse, divorce, or because they stayed single over the course of their career….women are absolutely just as good as men at investing when they actually take the step. We've proven that, and they're actually slightly better."

—Kathleen Murphy, President, Personal Investing, Fidelity Investments


Madhushree Gosh

Madhushree Ghosh’s work has been published, Pushcart-nominated or a finalist in a number of publications including The New York Times, Catapult, and The Missouri Review. As a daughter of refugees and an immigrant, she is often invited to speak on women in science, gender pay parity and women-related immigration/refugee issues. Previously, she served as Gastronomy Editor, Panorama and International Fiction Editor, Panorama. Currently, she’s working on a memoir-in-linked-essays, titled, Hatke: How Outlier Women Made Me One on her life in oncology diagnostics and as a woman in science who left a mentally abusive marriage.

Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson is a single ‘baby senior’ Texas woman who has been blogging and vlogging since 2007. She and her sister, Sally started posting as The Midlife Gals, but now they call themselves, The Midlife Gals Gone Gray. The Jackson sisters currently live with each other in Honolulu because they can. Paradise is rife with comedic content, but then…isn’t everyplace?!

Deanna Utroske

Deanna Utroske

Deanna Utroske edits the beauty news website, where she covers business, ingredient, and packaging news about the makeup, personal care, fragrance, and wellness industries in the Americas region. Deanna also publishes the weekly Indie Beauty Profile column, showcasing the inspiring work of entrepreneurs and innovative brands. Beyond Cosmetics Design, you can find Deanna on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.