CoveyClub Spiral Notebook


80-page, lined spiral notebook with Covey Find Your Flock cover

Many CoveyClub members are finding that writing, journaling, or note-keeping is a hobby that keeps them in touch with their inner dreams. Use this book to research your reinvention, work on a manuscript, or clarify your aspirational ideas.

  • Glossy CoveyClub Find Your Flock cover
  • 5.5″ x 8.5″ size
  • 80 pages of lined filler paper
  • White back cover

Paper and metal wire

What is the thickness of the pages?

The paper is a 50# smooth text offset.

What is the weight of a single notebook?

The weight of a single notebook is 200 grams or .44 lbs.

What sort of finish is on the front and back of your journal?

The front and back covers are made of a glossy finish.

Are the notebook pages made from recycled or regular paper?

Notebook pages are made of regular paper.