NEW DATE! How to Become Emotionally S.A.F.E: Support for Your Healing Journey


Join us live on Wednesday, March 13 at 2pm ET! A replay will be available 24hrs after the event.

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Now more than ever, women are becoming aware of the importance of emotional wellbeing and how to feel emotionally safe in their personal lives as well as the corporate world. In this class, attorney, author, and abuse survivor Poonam Bhuchar will teach you her four-step S.A.F.E. method to regain control, reclaim your power, and begin your emotional healing journey. You’ll learn how to identify your emotional triggers, empower yourself to seek solutions, and lead from a place of empathy in the workplace.

Our Guest Speaker: Poonam Bhuchar

Poonam Bhuchar is a practicing attorney for over 23 years, is a family mediator, life coach, author and a speaker on overcoming trauma and emotional pain in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. Born and raised in London, she immigrated to the United States at 21 and experienced a multitude of painful challenges in her life such as sexual assault, abuse, and the aftermath and cultural humiliation of divorces, health issues and financial loss. After running a successful legal practice, she now spends most of her time speaking and coaching on this subject. Throughout her journey, she developed the SAFE Method to help others acknowledge, discuss, and grow from their emotional pain without stigma or judgement. Her book “SAFE from the pain, Out of the Darkness into a Life That’s Free, Happy, and Good” has won multiple awards in the self-help category including a five star review from Literary Titan.


Join us live on Wednesday, March 13 at 2pm ET! A replay will be available 24hrs after the event.

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