(Replay) Self Love as Action


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We’ve all heard people preach self-love as a remedy for our woes, but wouldn’t we love ourselves if we knew how? How do we find the same love inside ourselves that we crave from others? How can we cultivate self-love, when we do not feel lovable? In the yearning to receive and hold on to love, we can forget that what we seek outside, exists within. In this intimate and revealing class with yoga, meditation, and mysticism teacher Sherry Sidoti you’ll redefine your understanding of self-love, cultivate a new practice of self-compassion, and develop simple, loving habits towards yourself. By re-imagining the Five Love Languages, you’ll learn the doable daily actions you can bring into your everyday life to help you emobdy a deeper appreciation for your brilliant, beautiful self.

Our Guest Speaker: Sherry Sidoti

Sherry Sidoti is the founder and lead director of FLY Yoga School, a yoga teacher training program, and FLY Outreach, a not-for-profit that offers yoga and meditation for trauma recovery. She has taught yoga, meditation, and mysticism for over two decades, leads spiritual courses, teacher training, and retreats globally, and has published in various magazines and anthologies. Sherry is most devoted to her greatest teacher, her son Miles, whose love, sensitivity, humor, and wisdom illuminate her path. She currently resides on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. A Smoke and a Song: A Memoir (She Writes Press, 2023) is Sherry’s first book.

NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the recording.

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