(Replay) How to Create a Memorable Personal Brand


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There are few things that hit our self-confidence as hard as when a person we clearly remember meeting reintroduces themselves to us. No matter if it happens at work or in your private life, such situations tend to lead to a barrage of negative self-talk: “I’m just not that interesting,” “Of course, they only remember my business partner – they are so much more fun than I am.” Or maybe you think: “I’m an introvert, so it is what it is.” The truth is that becoming more memorable does not mean you have to be loud or shrill or share super personal stories. It involves learning what makes us memorable to others. It requires ditching old messages from family and society that say “being invisible” is safer. In this class, confidence and leadership coach Micha Goebig will share a framework for becoming more memorable. She’ll guide you through discussion questions and exercises to help you find your own approach to making sure people won’t forget who you are.

Our Guest Speaker: Micha Goebig

The founder & CEO of GO BIG COACHING, Micha Goebig primarily helps female professionals and founders in tech and other male-dominated spaces lead with confidence. Micha is a public speaker, certified coach and published author. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council as well as the lead presentation coach on the speaker team of TEDxSeattle. Before training as a coach, she founded, and still owns, a boutique agency – GO BIG COMMUNICATIONS – that specializes in corporate communications for the German luxury car and supplier industries, a field in which she has 20 years of experience as a communications expert, intercultural trainer and workshop host. Micha holds a master’s degree from the University of Munich, taught at several colleges in the USA and Germany, has published extensively (including a novel with RandomHouse), and trained with one of Germany’s leading executive coaches as well as Rich Litvin and others in the USA.

NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the recording.

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