(Replay) Stop Striving for Perfection and Actually Get Things Done


NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the replay.

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You’ve probably seen the study that showed women won’t apply for a job unless they meet 100% of the qualifications, while men have no problem throwing their hats in the ring when they hit about 60% of them. It’s just one example of the perfectionism that’s been ingrained into ambitious and high-achieving women, and coach Micha Goebig wants to help you unlearn it. She’ll teach you how to identify unhealthy perfectionism, and show you why striving for perfect is both frustrating and impossible. Going forward, you’ll increase your flexibility and tolerance for (perceived) failure.

Meet out guest expert, Micha Goebig

Micha Goebig works with women in tech and other male-dominated industries.
With Go Big Coaching, she guides her clients through the process of unlearning what holds them back and gaining the confidence they currently lack in their professional environment. Going forward, they will be able to rewrite the rules and change the world – one company, one community, one boardroom at a time.

Micha is a certified coach, speaker, and published author. Before training as a coach, she founded (and still owns) a boutique agency that specializes in writing, editing and translation services for the German luxury car industry. With 20 years of experience as a communications expert and business owner, Micha follows a German-style coaching approach: efficient, pragmatic, solution-driven, direct. Her signature Unlearn Series focuses on going beyond impostor syndrome, negative self-talk, perfectionism, self-sabotage and on building positive habits and routines.

Micha holds a master’s degree from the University of Munich, taught at several colleges in the USA and Germany, has published two novels (one with Goldmann RandomHouse) and multiple stories and essays, and trained with one of Germany’s leading executive coaches as well as Rich Litvin and others in the USA.

NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the recording.

Is this a live class?

No. This is a past event and purchasing the class will give you access to the replay.

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After you purchase your ticket you’ll be emailed a receipt with the link to watch the class on our private YouTube channel.

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