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5 Secrets to Landing Podcast Guest Pitches

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Do you ever wonder if there’s a secret to how the most popular speakers, consultants, and authors land guest speaking spots on top podcasts? Do they have a magic formula or relationship that the rest of us don’t have access to? According to podcast publicist Alice Draper, the secret lies in a good pitch and an efficient strategy. In this class, she’ll teach you exactly how to do it! You’ll learn how to find the right podcasts to pitch by identifying and tracking relevant publicity trails, the three biggest storytelling secrets, and the time-management hacks that will help you create personalized pitches in a flash. Your podcast tour begins here!


7 Evergreen Strategies from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur – aka Artist by Jane Pollak

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Fall is the perfect time to refocus and really make headway on your reinvention, so we’ve invited artist and entrepreneur Jane Pollak to help you kickstart the process. Jane’s 6-step framework will take you from idea to launch, and uncover what it really takes to be an entrepreneur: how to define your product, identity your audience, shape your message, and build your team. You’ll leave inspired and committed to your entrepreneurial reinvention!


The Gratitude Challenge Workbook by Carrington Smith

Download this workbook to get started on your gratitude challenge.

We all hear about the importance of gratitude in shifting our mindset, but how many of us have actually built it into a habit? For Carrington Smith, a struggling friend was the inspiration that lead her to create The Gratitude Challenge, a 30-day experience in practicing gratitude and kindness that can have life-changing consequences. Download this workbook and prepare to embark on your gratitude journey!