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Kiki Keating

Travel Designer and Tour Leader

I’m not your ordinary travel expert.
I have a passion for taking small groups on life-changing adventures.

I work tirelessly to ensure that every detail of each trip is meticulously planned and executed. My dedication to providing the highest level of service is evident in my approach to crafting each journey. Collaborating with the best experts and guides from around the world, I combine their knowledge and expertise with my own to create itineraries that go beyond the beaten path. My trips offer a blend of history, art, music, amazing food, and authentic interactions with the local people.

My journey as a travel leader began in 2000 while I was leading international trips for the dean and professors in my role as Communications Director at the business school at Dartmouth. Over the last decade, my business KikiNetwork Travel has been dedicated to curating extraordinary and transformative journeys for travelers. Through immersive cultural experiences and meaningful interactions, my trips foster connections that transcend borders, leaving travelers forever changed.

My trips always include destination highlights and iconic landmarks, but the journey is more about fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the people and places we visit. Your extraordinary journey begins here.

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