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Randi Levin

Transitional Life Coaching

Become a Decision Diva!
Celebrating 10 years as a ICF certified transitional life strategist!

I offer a boutique and bespoke coaching style that enables decisions and next chapter changes predicated on self-leadership and possibility. Together we unearth what is, what’s next, and what clients can take action on today. Some call me a decision diva, but I believe it is the consistency and accountability toward self awareness and concrete choices and action steps that empower change for my clients. Together we get things done!

I spent the better part of two decades in corporate, had a really long and amazing gig as a SAHM, and reinvented myself at 50+ as a successful founder and entrepreneur in the coaching space. Reinvention and renewal, whether personal or professional, is a brilliant way to experience and expand upon one’s own growth. We are all leaders. You lead you. What decision do you need to lead now? What’s next?

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