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Stephanie McCullough

Financial Planner

I love learning people’s money stories!
And I love designing custom strategies to help align their money and values.

I started Sofia Financial because I was sick of seeing women receive poor service from the financial industry. 
I wanted to create a meaningful business that spoke with women, instead of making them feel overwhelmed, intimidated, and marginalized. I changed careers at age 30 to work with my father, a lifelong financial guy. But I didn’t feel it was my calling until she discovered the Human Side of money. Talking about spreadsheets and investment performance wasn’t doing it for me!

Our clients are smart, passionate women who would rather use their time and energy on things other than researching investments and IRS rules. You will feel cared for, confident and competent, knowing you have a true partner in all financial decisions; someone who has your back. Most of our clients are 45+ years old and are starting to think about retirement in one form or another.

Smart women like you come to Sofia Financial feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed because finance is not your area or interest or expertise. You want to learn and understand, without feeling like you’re studying for an advanced degree.

Working with Sofia, you’ll be heard and seen for the individual you are. We offer a judgement-free zone where you’ll find encouragement, education and a caring team of experienced professionals to truly partner with – so you don’t have to face their financial future alone!

Our services range from a one-time, 90-minute strategy session to answer a couple burning questions, to designing a comprehensive financial roadmap for the life you want to live, to ongoing implementation, monitoring and decision-support.

The Take Back Retirement Podcast
Our experts and conversation will help you be more confident.

Through conversations and interviews with both subject-matter experts and women who have gone through it, you will have the information and motivation to be in control of your future.

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