31 Badass Tips for Launching Your Reinvention Without Fear * CoveyClub

You made it here! Yeah!

So here you go, our 31 best tips for getting your amazing reinvention off the ground. It’s reinvention without fear! How nice is that?

Of course, we hope reinvention without fear is just the beginning of your journey with the wonderful, accomplished women of CoveyClub who will connect with you and help support you as you venture forth. Each one of us gets to decide what this next stretch of life will look like and who will take the journey with us.

Enjoy this little gift and see where it might take you. We’re really excited to hear about your adventure!

For more inspiration check out the “Listen” section of the site — which offers up our podcast, “Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour” — over 170 inspirational and practical tips and tricks from women who have reinvented themselves. And check out the CoveyClub blog as well which has dozens of reinvention stories as well.

Happy reinventing. And hope to see you around the Club!