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By The Covey

If you’re new to Covey, WELCOME! We’re so happy to have you in the club. Here’s where you can find all the amazing Covey magazine content you missed. With your Covey membership, you can now read all of these issues for FREE! We hope you enjoy your time with us. [Note: To read a specific issue, just hover over the month and click.]


June 2018

Katie Kalupson

                Illustration by Katie Kalupson


  • 3 Surprising Habits That Damage Thinning Hair
  • Finding A Good Father at 52
  • Reinventing the Way Clothes Fit
  • It’s 3:00 A.M. Do You Know Where Your Sleep Is?
  • The Unpredictability of Grief
  • Why I Decided to Pose Nude at 55
  • Let Brother Victor Bust Your Salad Boredom
  • My Father was a Mad Man
  • Finding Your Life’s Purpose in Storytelling
  • What Top Athletes Know About Failure
  • 3 Secrets to Landing a Corporate Board Seat


José Luis

Illustration by José Luis Merino/

May 2018


  • Boost Your Libido — and Cure Your Incontinence
  • New Farm-to-Vase Flowers
  • How To Declutter In the Digital Age
  • Fighting for the Other F Word
  • The Joys of Nursing a Grudge
  • She Turned Her Shopping Obsession Into A Business
  • Say No to Work/Life Balance
  • How Medicare Stole My Mother’s Health and Life Savings
  • How to Stay Visible — Even After You’re Done


Mengly Hernandez and Sheena Sood 
@lineagermania @abacasheeena

April 2018


  • Where Have All Your Eyebrows Gone?
  • The New Problem Without A Name
  • What Your Husband Asks A Menopause Doc
  • My Sleep Rules
  • Nice Girls Can Finish First!
  • Luxury Readers for the Style-Obsessed
  • Why Financing Women is the New Feminism
  • Reinventing — With Purpose



March 2018


  • 5 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks
  • Ending 100 Years of #MeToo Silence
  • Paint by App
  • Of Writing, Divorce, and A Dream
  • Cut The Self-Criticism — and Win!
  • From Queen Bee to Beekeeper
  • Better Sex After Breast Cancer
  • How to Motivate a Millennial at Work


cartoon woman


February 2018


  • When We Were Hot
  • 3 Best Anti-Aging Beauty Products of 2017
  • #1 Secret to Building Your Personal Brand
  • When Your Father is a Spy
  • The Best of France — in a box
  • Save Lives When You Travel
  • When She Knew She Was a Nasty Woman
  • It’s Your Time

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