José Luis
Illustration by José Luis Merino/

Issue 4

May 2018


  • Boost Your Libido–and Cure Your Incontinence
  • New Farm-to-Vase Flowers
  • How To Declutter In the Digital Age
  • Fighting for the Other F Word
  • The Joys of Nursing a Grudge
  • She Turned Her Shopping Obsession Into A Business
  • Say No to Work/Life Balance
  • How Medicare Stole My Mother’s Health and Life Savings
  • How to Stay Visible–Even After You’re Done
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Mengly Hernandez and Sheena Sood  @lineagermania @abacasheeena

Issue 3

April 2018


  • Where Have All Your Eyebrows Gone?
  • The New Problem Without A Name
  • What Your Husband Asks A Menopause Doc
  • My Sleep Rules
  • Nice Girls Can Finish First!
  • Luxury Readers for the Style-Obsessed
  • Why Financing Women is the New Feminism
  • Reinventing–With Purpose
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Issue 2

March 2018


  • 5 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks
  • Ending 100 Years of #MeToo Silence
  • Paint by App
  • Of Writing, Divorce, and A Dream
  • Cut The Self-Criticism–and Win!
  • From Queen Bee to Beekeeper
  • Better Sex After Breast Cancer
  • How to Motivate a Millennial at Work
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cartoon woman

Issue 1

February 2018


  • When We Were Hot
  • 3 Best Anti-Aging Beauty Products of 2017
  • #1 Secret to Building Your Personal Brand
  • When Your Father is a Spy
  • The Best of France–in a box
  • Save Lives When You Travel
  • When She Knew She Was a Nasty Woman
  • It’s Your Time
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