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July 2019


  • The Selfish Mom
  • I Am Microblade Curious
  • Every Dog Has Its Day
  • Treating Chronic Pain: A Holistic Approach
  • Aging Like a Pioneer Woman
  • How To Get Your Book Published
  • The Mustache Club
  • Dating at 70: Learning to Let Kindness In
  • How to Live an Interesting Life
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Illustration of woman with a car and home
Illustration by TaLeah Schoetmer

Issue 17

June 2019


  • What Makes a Man a Daddy
  • Sleep Tight: Advice for Insomniacs from Britain’s Sleep Guru
  • Be 20% Happier & Richer: Kick Your Instant Gratification Habit
  • How I Found Self-Healing and Wholeness by Trekking into the Wild
  • Want a Stronger, More Successful Company? Invest in Women. (Duh.)
  • Everything and Nothing To Do with That Car Smell
  • Your Newest Secret-to-Success Tool? A Professional Coach
  • Hookups in Senior Living
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Deborah Burns with her mother in the tub
Deborah with her mother

Issue 15

May 2019


  • Happy Mother’s Day
  • Coming to Terms with My Narcissistic Mother
  • Top 10 Questions a Stylist Gets From Women 40+
  • Osteopenia: Are You at Risk?
  • Search and Rescue at 30,000 Feet
  • 5 Tips for Buying Real Estate in a Down Market
  • Reinventing from a Childhood Dream
  • Hair Repair: New Solutions from the Lab
  • Inside the Studio: Monica Coyne
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Man and woman in separate beds in the 1950s
Photo from 1950 Simmons BeautyRest ad

Issue 14

April 2019


  • Take a Sleepcation from Your Spouse
  • I am CBD Curious
  • Yes, Virginia, There is a Bra That Fits
  • Why I Decided to Remain Childfree by Choice
  • Help Elected Women Stay in their Jobs
  • 3 Indie Beauty Brands Built by Late-in-Life Reinventors
  • The Naked Truth About Working From Home
  • The Orphan Doctor
  • What Your Profile Picture Says About You
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Libido goes up or down during midlife
Photo by Gabriel Matula

Issue 13

March 2019


  • Sex or Sexlessness at Midlife?
  • Fine Hair: From Flat to Fabulous — in Seconds
  • Hire The Right Career Coach (And Don’t Get Ripped Off)
  • Can You Cook Yourself Happy?
  • After Parenting: Asking Myself Who Am I?
  • The Post-War Zone Where Girls Outachieve Boys
  • Dad And The DNA Kit
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hand with sparkler in center of water
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February 2019


  • Ageism In The Workplace: Do Women Get Hit Harder?
  • New Obsession: The Bullet Journal
  • The New Dating Slang: A Glossary for the Clueless
  • The Lady at the Bar
  • The Joy of Junk and Clutter
  • 3 Best Business Books That Will Shape Your Life in 2019
  • A “Why me?” Reinvention
  • Adopt a Child at Midlife
  • Living with Type 1 Diabetes Sucks
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Edwina White
Illustration by Edwina White

Issue 11

January 2019


  • Belly Fat: 7 Myths & 3 Surprising Truths
  • Best White Noise App For Sleep: Rain Rain
  • I Refuse to Go Gray — And Here’s Why
  • Reentering the Workforce After a Break: A Guide
  • Addicted to Having All The Answers
  • Daphne Maxwell Reid: Killing it at 70
  • Don’t Be a Bystander to Abuse
  • The Empty Nest: When Mom Flies, Too
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December 2018


  • Gift Guide: Best of the Best from Clever Reinventors
  • Anti-Aging Skincare Secrets from a European Pro
  • How The Grinch Returned My Christmas
  • Cat Cora is Cooking with Cannabis
  • Super Sexy Gift Ideas for Menopausal Women
  • 7 Reasons Why Supporting Other Women Will Make You Happier
  • I Was Nearing 40 But Passed for a Millennial
  • Breaking My Family Holiday Traditions
  • What Women Everywhere Can Learn From Women in Uganda
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Issue 10

November 2018


  • Flowers by the Fistful
  • The Dangers of Using Wrinkle Relaxers – Too Early
  • Become a Killer Speaker and Get Paid!
  • Are You Pregnant or in Menopause?
  • The Sexy Way To Never Lose Your iPhone Again
  • The Rebel Grandma
  • The Pro-Life Reality No One Wants to Talk About
  • An Old Friend Reinvents: La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream
  • Dreams from Her Mother
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Issue 9

October 2018


  • 4 Trends That are Improving Sex after Midlife
  • Breast Reduction Surgery after 40? Yes!
  • Breakthrough News for Halting & Reversing Mental Decline
  • The Scoop On Your Poop
  • Ines de la Fressange: Secrets to a Stylish Reinvention
  • Fifty-Two Coffees
  • A Flower Blossoms in Charlotte
  • Divide and Conquer?
  • The Women Behind the Women Running in 2018
  • I Cheated On My Husband With F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • How to Ask for Money Without Feeling Slimy
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