The Covey Catch-up: May 2018

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The Covey Catch-up

Wisdom we don't want you to miss — May Edition

By Lesley Jane Seymour

As we kick off a new month, let’s remember the great interviews, blog posts, and conversations that happened in our community in May. It’s our mission at Covey to support women in search of their dreams. If you know of anyone who would benefit from joining our community, please spread the word and share these stories with them. #LearnGetConnect



Build Your Personal Brand: 6 Starting Steps — Personal branding: we’ve heard of it, we know it’s important, but we don’t necessarily know how to do it. So I sat down with “brander-in-chief,” Patrick Hanlon as part of a CoveyCast podcast interview about how to apply big-brand concepts to creating your own personal brand.



Women and Power: How to Get It, Wield It, and Not Give it Away 

I sat down with two PhDs: Beth Gullette, managing partner of the Institute for Contemporary Leadership and Jessica Dawson, a professor of leadership at Westpoint, for a Coffee & Conversation. It was an eye-opening dialogue with CoveyClub members where we dove into the various reasons why women are so uncomfortable with power and what we can do to break free from limiting mindsets (mostly adopted in childhood). You can watch the full conversation here.



How Well Are Your Feet Aging? — When it comes to anti-aging advice, we’re inundated with info on products and treatments for the face … but by the time we make it south to our feet, there’s not much talk about foot-aging — or what we can do about it. Until now.


The Tyranny of the Yoga Lady — Lauren Zalaznick teaches us how to win the passive aggressive wars that take place between mats. Namaste!


You’re Never Too Old to Start a Whole New Life — Her second marriage bombed but she kept going. One woman’s secret to resilience.


Zen and The Art of Decluttering  — Laura Moore is on a mission to help us completely rethink how we think about our stuff—and what we should do with it. (Hint: Don’t assume your kids want even your most prized antiques.)


5 Things All Entrepreneurs Must Do — The legal fees involved in starting and running a new business can make most of us put counsel on the backburner. Luckily, Jenny Sheridan is here to give us affordable help.

***DEAL ALERT: The first 10 people to sign up for Jenny Sheridan’s StartUp Business Law Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs will receive a special 50% discount (making the total course cost only $249!) and can participate in a FREE webinar (‘How to Select Your Trademark’) with Jennifer: Enter code SBBE1-50-CoveyClub at checkout.


Her Mother Took Desegregation Into Her Own Hands — This is the first installment of a new series we’ll be running on Covey called SHEroes featuring those invisible women who didn’t make the history books but who affected meaningful change in their lifetime. Do you know a SHEro? We want to feature her! (Read the article for details.)


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