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The Cool New Way to Scent a Room

Katie Becker

You might call us scent-a-holics, if there were such a word in the Dictionary. That’s because, for whatever reason, our noses are so sensitive that they can detect taint in a room the minute we enter the doorway. (One of us is so fussy that we are constantly forced to drop our bags in the front hall after each business trip in order to hunt down the rotting onion in the pantry or the failing kale in the fridge that somehow escaped the notice of the hubby and kids!). For that reason, room diffusers have become a must-have part of our olfactory decor. Which is great until you have to pick the dust off those sticky diffuser sticks.

Lucky for us diptyque has solved all of those issues–and more–creating a stunning new hourglass-style diffuser. With each turn of the fragrance-laced hourglass, perfumed liquid travels up fibrous wicks hidden inside the neck by gorgeous gold filigree. You may find guests inquiring about the design before they even mention the intoxicating olfactive magnetism. Still, the six scents live up to the brand’s cult status and include their signature spicy-but-woodsy 34 boulevard saint-germain and the celebrity-beloved rose-and-berry-scented Baies; there is also fig, ginger, orange blossom, and rose. Flip the diffuser over to scent a room for an hour.

Diptyque Hourglass Diffuser $175; refills $60; at diptyqueparis.com

Katie Becker is currently the Beauty Director at COVETEUR and a writer and editor for numerous publications.



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  1. Deborah Beroset

    Well isn’t this intriguing! As a scent fiend who just this past weekend was researching ceremonial Japanese incense (Oedo-Koh Aloeswood takes me to my Happy Place every time), I am now putting this on my treats-for-me list. I wonder how it compares to Lampe Berger?

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