Finding Love After Divorce at 40? Your Guide to Dating in Midlife

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How to Reignite Your Love Life

Whether you're in a longtime relationship or diving into the dating pool, CoveyClub has hundreds of resources to help you succeed. Here are the most popular!

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How 225 Days on the Road in Africa Recharged My Marriage

February 21, 2024 by Janet Wilson

How 225 Days on the Road in Africa Recharged My Marriage

She was 55 and unhappy in her marriage. Then her husband joined her on the trip of a lifetime

8 Signs He's Falling in Love

February 14, 2024 by Andrea McGinty

8 Signs He's Falling in Love

One dating coach and expert clues us in on how to know he’s into you...

Am I Ready to Date Again?

December 20, 2023 by Andrea McGinty

Am I Ready to Date Again?

10 tips to figuring out your love life, the second time around.

The Key to a Successful Marriage? Do His Laundry!

November 11, 2023 by Harriet Riley

Key To a Successful Second Marriage? Don’t Do His Laundry!

A marriage veteran shares 6 hilarious and ultra-honest truths.

Learning to Love Again: 5 Tips for Dating in Midlife

September 13, 2023 by Melanie Smith

Learning to Love Again: 5 Tips for Dating in Midlife

Find ways to love again — the right way — with this how-to article from a relationship coach, divorcee, and midlife dating expert.

Dating After Divorce: The Best Advice I Got

July 15, 2021 by Laurie James

Dating After Divorce: The Best Advice I Got

Getting back out there is different for everyone. Here's what it was like to jump back into the dating scene in my fifties.

Dating at 70: Learning to Let Kindness In

July 1, 2019 by Jane Pollak

Dating at 70: Learning to Let Kindness In

Her 38-year marriage ended when she was 63. Then she met someone who wanted to nurture her.

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Dating 101: Effective Ways to Find Love…And Even Enjoy the Process with Kimberley Healey

Ivy Leaguer turned intimacy coach Kimberley Healey will teach you how to present yourself online, set boundaries around communication and meeting new people, and navigate intimacy, while also revealing the best ways to meet people offline. Whether you’re finding love after divorce at 40 or searching for partnership at 60, you’ll build your dating support network and develop …Read More

Adult Attachment Styles: Surprising Insights that May Be Affecting Your Relationship with Laurie James

Learn the basics of attachment theory with author and relationship coach Laurie James. She’ll show you how to identify your attachment style, as well as the basic communication tips and skills that will help you improve your relationships with …Read More

Loveonomics: Increase the Odds For a Good Love Match and the Happiness You Deserve with Dr. Rebekka Grun, Ph.D

Dr. Rebekka Grun, a Pd.D in economics, speaker, and creator of “Loveonomics,” shows you how to get on the winning side of the odds no matter your current relationship status.

Create Your Best Relationship with Your Partner AND Your Finances with Ed Coambs

Learn how to cultivate financial intimacy and joy in your relationship from Ed Coambs, a marriage therapist who also happens to be a licensed financial planner.

3 Ways to Attract a High Quality Partner with Sandy Weiner

There’s no reason high-achieving, intelligent women can’t have the same success in their romantic lives as they do at work. Sandy explains why your “type” might not be working for you, how to be …Read More

Adventures in Online Dating: A 5-Point Strategy to Meet Someone with Andrea McGinty

With 20 years of dating coaching experience, Andrea McGinty knows exactly how to make your profile stand out and give the first impression you want it to. This is a hands-on workshop with the goal of helping you create a highly marketable …Read More



Finding Love After Divorce at 40: “Let Yourself Be Afraid”
with Susan McPherson

After her divorce, Susan McPherson moved herself from Seattle to New York and started her life all over.


Reinventing How We Date Over Age 40
with Andrea McGinty

McGinty says there are 104 million single people and “great men out there.” Here’s how to find them.




Reinventing Your Sexual Self After Age 40
with Dr. Candice Nicole

Learn how to attend to your own sexual wellbeing, from masturbation and self-pleasure to partnered experience, and why tending to your sexual self can improve your wellbeing in so many ways.


How to Reinvent Your Love Life After 50
with Evan Marc Katz

With more than 35 million readers on his blog, 2.5 million podcast downloads, and 13,000 women transformed through his Love U course, Katz is the go-to guru for smart, successful women seeking romance.




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