(Replay) Adult Attachment Styles: The Surprising Insights that May Be Affecting Your Relationships with Laurie James


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Maintaining close relationships in our lives takes work, and it’s not always easy. One of the things we can do to nurture our relationships is to understand our attachment styles so we can create and maintain healthy boundaries for ourselves and others. In this class with author and relationship coach Laurie James, you’ll learn the basics of attachment theory, how to identify your attachment style, as well as the basic communication tips and skills that will help you improve your relationships with the people you love — no matter how different their style might be from yours.

Our Guest Speaker: Laurie James

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Laurie James is a mother, caregiver, divorcée, turned author, and relationship coach. Laurie’s book, Sandwiched: A Memoir of Holding On and Letting Go is about her path from loneliness to belonging during a time when she was raising four teen daughters, her mother had a heart attack, and her husband’s lawyer delivered some shocking news. Heart-centered relationships have been a goal of hers for over the last ten years. One large part of developing those relationships was understanding her attachment style and the style of those she spends time with–especially once she began dating in midlife. Now Laurie coaches women looking to redesign their lives to find freedom, love, and purpose in midlife. When she is not talking about the sandwich generation or coaching clients, she can be found nurturing her free spirit by walking her dog, skiing, sailing, hiking, spending time with close friends and partner, or planning her next adventure.

NOTE: This is a past event. Purchasing this class will give you access to the replay.

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