French cleaning secret for the home: Pierre d'Argent's cream

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French home cleaning secret

Our reporter in Paris divulges an insider "beauty" secret

By Tish Jett

I have a brand new “beauty” obsession: Pierre d’Argent.

It’s not a traditional beauty product because it’s not a cream that you can apply to your body.  But by using it you will see incredibly beautiful results — on your silver and chrome, and copper and ceramics.

Yesterday I used Pierre d’Agrent to polish every piece of silver I have, then the sink, then the ceramic stove top, then the glass door on the oven. . . I just couldn’t stop.  It was so exciting.

Trust me, I am not one to get excited about household products. This might be a first.

And Pierre d’Argent is made with all natural ingredients–and truly brilliant. When I visit the United States next month, I intend to bring several as gifts. No doubt the recipients will be shocked.

Just for fun, I thought you might like to see this YouTube demonstration. Even though it’s in French, you’ll understand everything.

You can buy Pierre d’Argent in the US at where it’s a bit more expensive. Or you can wait for your next trip to Paris and pick one up.

Adapted from A Femme d’un Certain Age at



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  1. Anita Williams Weinberg

    I’m slowly re-creating my grandfathers collection of copper-bottom pans—totally getting this!

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