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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Wellness Edition

Campbell Loeber

When it comes to wellness goals, we can all make the naughty list as we get caught up in the chaos of the holiday season. Luckily, Covey’s collected a group of gifts to assist in getting back on a healthy and happy track. 

Himalayan Glow Zen Garden, $23

Himalayan Glow Zen Garden

A little time off is a gift we often forget to give ourselves and others. For those who struggle to sit still, even in moments of rest, incorporating a Zen garden into downtime or meditation might be just the ticket. In between meetings or after a long day at work, the relaxing benefits of the beach can be closer than they seem — the garden is available through Amazon, so it ships faster than you can say “omm.” 


Dorothy Draper Sport Legging, $98 

Dorothy Draper Sport Legging

Dorothy Draper & Co., the country’s premiere interior design firm known for the bright colors and bold patterns its founder brought to projects, has branched out into apparel. The  line boasts athleisure options perfect for any woman on the go, all inspired by Draper’s signature wallpapers and fabrics. These sport leggings, which are offered in three distinct patterns, are great to pair with a fitted tee for an early morning yoga class or to team with an oversized sweatshirt for a brisk evening walk. The high-performance fabric is sure to keep the wearer comfortable and covered. For an athletic gift steeped in history and color, look no further!


Voluspa Wildflowers Reed Diffuser, $35

Voluspa Wildflowers Reed Diffuser

As soon as the holidays come to an end, many of us start dreaming of the days getting lighter and the onset of spring. For the friend who is already gearing up for spring cleaning, give the best scents of the oncoming season with a fragrant botanic diffuser. Voluspa’s Wildflowers Reed Diffuser encompasses the aromas of a whole garden — combining notes of florals, herbs, and citrus. The diffuser’s neutral glass bottle suits any decor, blending in to let the smell speak for itself. Its size and packaging makes it an excellent hostess gift for holiday parties — though it could also remain neatly wrapped under the tree until December 25th. 


Butter Me Up Organics Calming Bath Salts, $24.95 

Butter Me Up Organics Calming Bath Salts

Even the most health conscious gift recipient will truly relax with this clean batch of bath salts. Butter Me Up Organics’ line pledges to create and carry toxin-free products. The company’s motto is “Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in it,” a concept that they stand behind, ensuring that their products are completely edible (though they might not taste so great). The herbal bath salts are a blend of chamomile and lavender, sea salts and essential oils, promoting skin health and mental clarity. Anyone who gets these can continue to soak in the joy of the season (while soaking in the tub), leaving skin merry and bright all year round. 


Rifle Paper Co. Five Year Keepsake Journal Set, $60

Rifle Paper Company 5 Year Keepsake Journal

Mindfulness sometimes starts with the space to reflect. This keepsake journal set by Rifle Paper Co. is a beautiful place to jot down New Year’s resolutions or organize one’s thoughts. The books are designed to track “a day in the life” over the course of five years, allowing the writer to consider and refer back to prompts at different stages. The journals are especially significant for recipients celebrating big life events — weddings, new babies, empty nesting — but any storyteller would be excited to unwrap. While the pages might get messy with the addition of the day’s stories, the hardcovers will keep a crisp, fresh look on a desk or bookshelf. 


Tahoe Timber Wale Wooden Sunglasses, $129

Tahoe Timber Wale Wooden Sunglasses

In the bleak midwinter it might be hard to envision sunny days, but they will return! And for the friend or family member taking a post-Christmas vacation, those rays might come a bit quicker. Encourage them to get outside, engage with nature, and absorb some Vitamin D with a stylish and effective new accessory. The Wale Wooden Sunglasses by Tahoe Timber are made in the USA from sustainable materials and with UVA/UVB protected lenses. After the past few years of living behind a screen, eye strain is something to keep in mind even when connecting with the great outdoors. Colors include the more subdued “Dark Smoke” and the electric “Rose Gold,” providing choices for both the low-key and the over-the-top personalities behind these shades.


S’well Azurite Marble Bottle, $35

Swell Azurite Marble Bottle

A growing number of consumer brands and media outlets are considering the notion that an estimated 75% of Americans spend the day dehydrated. Keep the gift of refreshment within reach with the chic water bottles produced by S’well. The bottles are sleek in design, meant to keep water icy cold. Condensation won’t overwhelm the patterned exterior, which features a lovely high-gloss finish. The bottles come in 9 oz, 17 oz, and 25 oz sizes to serve restricted spaces and workout needs. And though it might not be the most hydrating course, if a celebratory mood strikes, note that the largest size can hold an entire bottle of wine.


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