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Self Care

It’s Time to Wedge Self-Care Into Your Schedule

Tips and tricks to kickstart your self-care routine from the best experts we know: Covey Members

By Lesley Jane Seymour

Having spent a lot of time in the beauty business, where it was literally my job to go to a spa (!!!) or take time for a home facial, I never really understood when women said they didn’t have time for “self-care.” Now that I run CoveyClub, I get it: you’re busy, you’re harried, others come first. But I also hear — and see — the deleterious effects of not taking the time for yourself. I see many women chronically unhappy with their weight, energy, or looks but with no sense of how to squeeze out an hour or two to work on these issues. I see how lack of self-care impacts your self-image or your ability to move forward and reinvent

During a recent Cocktails & Conversation event, I asked the CoveyClub members for tips and tricks that work for them. I hope this list inspires you. If you have other great ideas you don’t see here, please leave them in the comments box at the end of the article on the site or below our social media postings

Rituals to Try

Book yourself an exercise group for the early morning. Or just walk 30-40 minutes per day. Members find that having others hold them accountable works

Meditate with Deepak Chopra in his app   

Take a long, luxurious bath: try scattering rose petals and rose oil or a CBD oil in the water. I once tried this type of jelly bath years ago, and it was crazy fun. This video gives you an idea of what stepping into jelly is like.

Dance with your dog in the morning or sing with your bird

Read a few pages of a favorite novel (join the CoveyClub book club! ) 

Get a pedicure and massage once a month

Listen to your favorite relaxing music while washing dishes and watering your plants. One member likes music from the Punjab area of India 

Maintain that sense of “necessary comfort” that many of us found during COVID-19 — especially during lockdowns. That means sticking with comfortable clothes and shoes, snuggling up with a warm cup of tea

Book yourself a quarterly surprise with a fun shopping box like Fab Fit Fun or Birch Box. It’s not like shopping for yourself — because someone else is picking out the items for you 

End the day with 10 minutes of your legs placed up against a wall. Use a timer to make sure you do the whole 10 minutes


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