Reading: Reinventing as a Cannabis Entrepreneur with Aliza Sherman


Reinventing as a Cannabis Entrepreneur with Aliza Sherman


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“We have a lot to learn—especially about cannabinoids and how to access the medicine,” says Aliza Sherman, founder of, a site that educates women about the health and wellness benefits of cannabis—stories about cannabis as a sexual aid, reviews of edibles, or CBD bath salts. Sherman speaks with Lesley about why the cannabis industry is a great place for female entrepreneurs—it’s “like the internet in the ‘80s”—and points to sites such as for job listings in the legal industry and for groups centered on careers and business. Sherman says she got into cannabis when trying to solve personal “pain and sleep” issues. “Cannabis offers special help for women going through peri-menopause and menopause.”

Aliza’s Top Tips for Reinvention

1. Do your homework
Do the research. Start with Ellementa, and we’ll branch you out to where you need to go. You need that first trusted gateway into your learning.

2. Find your partners
That is how women who are succeeding in this industry right now are doing it. We are partnering up and we are stronger together. Also be open to the idea of merging. The big guys are coming in, so you’ve got to be part of that bigger playing field.

3. Your company is not your baby
Don’t think of it as your baby, don’t call it your baby. Be ready to give that up. The smart entrepreneur, the reinventing entrepreneur, understands that you have an exit strategy, and you build to start your next thing. You need to be able to let go.


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