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Reinventing Through Comedy with Bonnie Levison


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Bonnie Levison was a tall, “very shy” suburban mom. Then one day, after 18 years of marriage, her husband came home and said he wanted a divorce. After wallowing in self pity, Levison sat down at the computer and asked herself what she really needed more of in her life. The answer? Humor. She typed “comedy classes” into Google and launched a career writing, producing and performing stand up. Levison started the Nantucket Comedy Festival and now travels the world for The Moth, teaching veterans, the elderly, prisoners, public school students and company executives how to tell their stories so they can connect better.

Bonnie’s Top Tips for Reinvention:

  1. Look at the world and find the fun in it. Not the mean in it, but the fun. You can’t always do that, I understand that, but it’s something I always aspire to.
  2. In a world of perfection, lower your expectations. If you just try something, you’re a success. You can be turned on and grow in so many ways. You don’t even have to be good at it. It’s about the experience.
  3. The fountain of youth is creativity. If your mind is active and turned on, you could be any age. So when something is coming to an end and you see a cliff, don’t think about falling. Think about jumping off and finding what’s next.

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