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Super Sexy Gift Ideas for Menopausal Women

From candles that melt into massage oil to hot nighties that stay cool, we’ve got the goods

By Dr. Barb Depree

The team at MiddlesexMD is always on the lookout for products that help keep menopausal women comfortable and happy. So when TheCovey asked us to prepare a list of fun and sexy gift ideas for women, we said game on. Share this list with your partner or your best girlfriend “of a certain age,” or adopt the strategy I’ve used for years: three gifts for others, one gift for me.

  1. Sleep is an issue for lots of us at midlife, so anything that gets us through the night makes our hearts beat a little faster. These Cool-jams sheets are made from bamboo rayon and actually wick moisture away, so night sweats are a little less…sweaty. They’re available in lots of colors and sizes.
  2. It’s often hot flashes or night sweats (“vasomotor symptoms” in my medical world) that wake us up at night. A cooling pillow can absorb heat and keep you sleeping, which makes for a happier morning. Cool-jams offers their “cooling pillow” in various sizes — perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  3. What you wear to bed can make you feel sexy instead of soggy. We like the sophisticated Gabriela Nightie and the flirty Camilla chemise (because we’re never too old to flirt). Both are made of fabrics that employ “moisture management technology” (tested in a lab), and you can browse for other sexy styles, too.
  4. Keeping your pelvic floor strong may not strike you as festive, but besides letting you laugh this holiday season it prevents incontinence, holds organs where they belong, and—my favorite—increases the strength of orgasm. The KegelSmart personal trainer assesses your progress and guides you through a workout.
  5. If you’re among the 50 percent of women who’ve never used a vibrator, you might consider the Gigi2, my personal favorite. The truth is that sensation can be muted as our hormones decline, but we don’t have to take that lying down. This vibrator is powerful enough for us at midlife, easy to use, and waterproof, too, if that suggests something of interest.
  6. Because intimacy is for partners, the Tor 2 Couple’s Ring can be a gift for two. It’s for the man to wear, but it provides sensation for both of you. It can help him achieve and maintain arousal, plus it’s helpful if the depth of penetration is an issue for you. Combine it with the Gigi2 for an antidote to the routine that can creep into our sex lives at midlife.
  7. There’s surely room in your stocking for MiddlesexMD’s personal lubricant selection kit, and room in your intimacy to take this basic step to make sex comfortable. We assembled a set of samples of our favorite lubricants, so you can test silicone- versus water-based or a hybrid. When you’ve chosen your favorite, go online and specify your winning choice and we’ll ship you a full-sized product.
  8. I’m not sure how large your stocking is, but it would be fun to find this in it: a Skinny Dip Massage Candle. We didn’t believe it ourselves until we tried it, but this candle has a low melting point so that you can pour the melted wax into your hand or onto skin for a warm massage. Shea butter and coconut oil mean lasting moisturizing after the heat of the moment.

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