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The 4 Stages of Holiday Readiness

Every year, we go through the same things

By Catherine LeFebvre

It’s Christmas Eve, everyone – we’ve made it to the end. No matter how low-key you want the holiday season to be, it always seems to end up a twinkle-lit blur of office parties, late-night Amazoning, bickering with family, and so. Many. Cookies. It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Or if you’re skipping all the traditional stuff because the kids are doing their own thing this year. Somehow, the story remains the same:

But it’s the home stretch now. Time to take stock of the journey we’ve been on in order to really enjoy kicking back with family and friends. Here, the four stages everyone goes through when getting ready for the holidays:

1. Nervous Excitement

Usually preceded by a false-start of “can this really be happening” when you hear the first Christmas carol playing at the pharmacy in September, but since we’re being positive, the first stage is excitement and joy for the magic of the season.

2. Bah Humbug

A comfortable place for most midlife women. We’ve seen it all — and likely been the only one responsible for all of it, too.

3. Gotta Get Through This

Three have-to-attend parties in one day. Wait, how many nieces and nephews do we have again? And we’re getting gifts for all of them? Why can’t I find the nativity set your mother always expects to see out?

4. Actual Merriment

It’s unclear how we came to this, but the stockings are hung and you’re in your kerchief and all of that. Time to tuck into some eggnog, cozy up by the fire, or jet off to somewhere warm and melt the holiday stress away. It’s why we do this every season, I suppose. Happy holidays, everyone!

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