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Reading: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2023: The Best Picks for the Ones We Love

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2023: The Best Picks for the Ones We Love

From twists on the traditional to ideas that are totally outside the box

By Bridget Johns

The December holidays are a distant memory, and it seems that 2023 will pass by with the same breakneck speed as the last two years. Here we are, already talking about the Best Gifts for Valentine’s Day! In some ways, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to slow down and reflect on the past couple of months, dialing into the most important loves of our lives. Whether it be our partners, our children, our friends, or others, this is a great time to let them know how we feel.

The best part of Valentine’s Day is that while there are certainly some tried-and-true gifting ideas, it’s also an opportunity to let your creative juices flow. In the end, it’s not even about what you give, just that you acknowledge the moment and let them know you care. In fact, the best Valentine’s Day gifts are often completely out of the box.

To&From is a gift-discovery website that focuses on connecting the very best emerging brands with consumers who love them. I started this company because I believe we have a hole in our gifting life, and we are so excited to bring you some of our favorite gifts for this Valentine’s Day.

Top Trending Gifts
We continue to build the algorithms that connect top gifts with the occasions and relationships you care the most about. Valentine’s Day is no exception. This year, there are a few gifts that rise to the top.

Jill Burrows Indoor Slippers, $134
Jill Burrows Slippers

Jill Burrows never disappoints. Her commitment to craftsmanship, comfort, and design are second to none, and these gorgeous slippers will show anyone exactly how much you love them.

Sugar Daddy Gift Basket, $119

Valentine's Day Gifts

This cheeky but delicious Sugar Daddy collection from Bite Society, featuring chocolates, gummies, and hard candies, will more than satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. 

Googly Eyes Piñatagram, $25

Valentine's Day Gifts

Who doesn’t love a piñata? These mini candy-filled piñatas from Piñatagrams will bring a smile to your young or young-at-heart valentines.

Custom Paint-by-Numbers Kit, $85

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Why not give them a favorite picture of the two of you, with an activity that makes it so much more special?

A New Take on Traditional
There’s a reason tradition sticks, and often there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. But adding a little twist on the tried-and-true gift of flowers will be all the more memorable.

Potted Roses, $58

Valentine's Day Gifts

This mini-rose plant will show your love long after February 14th.

Long-lasting Rose Bouquet, $689

Valentines Day Gift

These beauties may be a little on the pricey side, but they last forever (or nearly). Show them your love every day.

A Cooler Look at Classics

If you are looking for a gift for yourself, or passing on ideas to a friend, these may be just the thing.

Blossom Intention Bracelet, $54

The mother-daughter duo behind MaeMarie wants you to live with intention and created these unique wrap bracelets to help you do just that.

Tiny Love Letter Charm, $138

Engrave a sweet message on this cute charm to always be close to their heart. 

Heart Earrings, $450

These extra-small heart studs are both modern and classic at the same time. Perfect for a casual date-night.

Perfect Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the ladies. He loves to feel the love too. These personalized gifts are perfect for that man you are lucky enough to call yours.

Rocks Glass, $95

Valentines Day Gift

Monogram these beauties from Clayton & Crume and he will be beyond impressed. 

Football History Book, $80

Football history book

Do you have a sports fan on your hands? These beautiful football history books from the New York Times are perfect, but order soon to meet their production timelines.

Heated Neck Wrap, $45

Valentines Day Gift

It may seem weird, but hear us out: These heated neck wraps are like a big hug when the day hits hard. He will thank you over and over again.

Gifts to Share
One of the trends we saw this past season was a preference for gifts to enjoy together — everything from activities or travel to backyard games. Anything that kept us connected to people we love was sure to please. A few of our favorites are below.

The Pickleball Mini System, $135

Pickleball Net

The Expedition Adventurer Membership, $249

Valentines Day Gift

Solo Stove, $180

Solo stove

To discover more great gifts for the Valentine in your life, shop our full collection here. Be sure to leverage our robust filters to fine-tune the gifts to find the perfect thing for the most special person in your life.


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