What does AF stand for in Millennial speak? You may not want to know

Reading: What The Hell Does “AF Room” Mean?

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What The Hell Does “AF Room” Mean?

She'd never seen this term on a job application before. Maybe there was a reason

By Rona Gindin

I can hold my own against any Gen Xer or Gen Yer. Put an Aught in my way and I’ll meet, even beat, that person at my professional game – which, by the way, is now called content provider instead of writer.

But the Millennials got me.

Something Fishy

This is a shrimp taco from Something Fishy in Apopka, Florida. It’s one of the foods I feasted on while struggling to define an AF room.

A test for an online magazine asked me to write something relating to an AF room. The publication is aimed at Millennial women, and, like every generation, Millennials have their own lingo. I couldn’t figure this one out.

I tried to think about the definition rationally. Back in the day, women often had sewing rooms. Is an AF room like that, only for other hands-on endeavors? Maybe the A stands for Arts, the F for … stumped. Young women today might not make their own clothes (my grandmother), knot together macrame belts (me at a certain age) or create over-the-top scrapbooks (my peers as mothers of young kids; I abstained, horrified), but surely these 20-odd-year-olds go gung-ho over some craft or art forms. My own kids are Millennials, but they’re of the male variety and they create software, not apparel or accessories or memory tomes.


Apopka’s Something Fishy also has a dessert line called Something Sweet. These cupcakes, most filled with creamy extras, are among the specialties. I am inserting these photos because apparently blogs need artwork interspersed throughout, and I didn’t have enough relevant texts to balance the number of paragraphs. It’s annoying as … you know.


I googled, to no avail. Search results sent me to website pages about the U.S. Air Force.

Relating this roadblock to my husband, I decided to ask the nearest Millennial woman. She happened to be the super-friendly cashier-slash-server at a casual Orlando-area seafood restaurant called Something Fishy. She was game for a question, until I posed the query. She froze. She darted away. She never returned.

fried cauliflower

Battered and fried cauliflower bits with buffalo spicing at Something Fishy in Apopka. I am embarrassed to admit how much I enjoyed these.


“Is it something SEXUAL?” I hollered after her. She zoomed back to the kitchen. That poor, earnest, kind woman. She may never recover.

I had business to do, so I resorted to my fallback position: I hit up my sons for answers. I sent a joint text to them worded as follows.

Text message


The 21-year-old responded immediately, clearly unenthused and requesting solid background info.

Text message


And so, between bites of salmon tacos and buffalo-flavored fried cauliflower bites, I searched through my emails for the specific assignment. Here is the crux of it; I cut out the rest so as not to ruin future writing tests for the website’s editors.

text message


My son was not amused. Well, yes he was.

Text Message


Now I had to know, immediately.

Text Message


He answered. Cleanly, because, unlike his foul-mouthed mother, this wonderful young man is clean-cut.

Text Message

Oops. It’s not an AF room. That’s not a type of room. It’s a messy room. A really messy room. A room so disheveled, so ridiculously full of unorganized stuff, that it’s as Messy As F___.

I clarified. I got it now. Not only was this kid amused, so was the older one, piping in from his apartment.

Text Message


Bested, by my own offspring’s generation. It was bound to happen. And it makes me laugh, crazy-hard, every time I recall the scenario. And laughing, not surprisingly, makes me happy as f_. (I wonder if that’s the correct usage. I’m afraid to ask.)

One final word from our Millennial-speak maven.

Text Message

Adapted from Rona Gindin’s blog



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  1. Tammy Pennington

    LOL. I won’t pretend to know all the strange text acronyms that pop up, but my husband and I gladly adopted the “AF”phrase many months ago. Saves time and sounds better out loud, don’t you think?

  2. Lisa Romeo

    What’s strange is that I did know what AF meant before reading this, but for a while you had me convinced there must be a SECOND meaning…funny writing.

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