When Covid-19 Forces You to Reinvent — Everything

Reading: When Covid-19 Forces You to Reinvent — Everything

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When Covid-19 Forces You to Reinvent — Everything

Yes, bad things happen to good people. But by learning, sticking together, sharing, and helping, we can get through it

By Lesley Jane Seymour

At CoveyClub we talk a lot about reinvention. We even talk about reinvention that has come to you — meaning that there are times in our lives when we will be “given the chance to reinvent” by a boss, a company, a spouse, etc. I call it “when tough change happens to good people.”

Covey vs. Covid

These are unprecedented times, however. And I would have to say it’s the first time that a virus has given us all the chance to reinvent!

And even though I know you are women of great stamina, grit, creativity, ingenuity, talent, savvy, and senses of humor, I also know the combination of uncertainty and financial and emotional stress can make this moment super tough. I find myself swinging between joy at finding a gorgeous butterfly has landed inside my house to horror every time I turn on the news. (And yes, this news junkie is going on a news diet. Now.)

I truly believe that the only way we are going to get through tough times like this is by leaning on the people we love — our families, our friends, our communities. I also cope with adversity in a particular way: by launching into service to others. I suppose it works for me because by refusing to be passive I create an imaginary feeling of control.

For that reason, four days ago, on March 19th, I grabbed a new friend here in New Orleans and opened up a group that is helping gather much-needed masks, gloves, gowns, face shields, and goggles off the shelves of shuttered doctors’ offices (dentists, OB/GYNs, veterinarians), construction companies, and high school science labs, and getting them to the hospitals where doctors and nurses on the front lines of this fight need the most help. It was a crazy idea, but we’re up and rolling and you can go to Facebook and see the page: Supplies for Saints.  

You can join the effort by copying the idea in your own town. We have even posted a blank spreadsheet that you can use to help keep track of donations. I promise you will feel good — and not helpless — once you are doing something.

Learn More, Connect More, Be More

We at Covey are also ramping up our virtual events for you and creating an array of new programming to help you cope. Positive Mornings are free coaching sessions over the Zoom network that will help set you off on the right path each day. We have educational webinars, too, such as interviews with famous authors. Joan Lunden is coming up on Wednesday, March 25th, and after I interview her you will be able to ask your questions live! Because I believe deeply in meditation in times of stress, we are offering virtual meditations; we will be repeating a version of “Moving Away from Fear” with Kelly Rovetto on Sunday nights. Sign up and join us now!

You can also sign up for our free newsletter, so you can stay on top of our events.

Let me know what experts you’d like to hear from so we can keep programming to help us all get through this difficult moment. If you would like, you can also offer up your services to teach a webinar: you get an introduction to the  5000+ Covey members and we get your wonderful expertise!

Write to me at Lesley@Coveyclub.com.

Stay strong. Stay optimistic. Use all the brilliance and wisdom you have earned over all these years to help yourself and those around you. We will get through this, I promise. But we will need to do it together. xo

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